The functional bit of a solar tracker

First it was the solar panels invented. Since then, people have been able to save a lot of cash by utilizing the free energy of the sun. Scientists are however never slept after they invented the solar panels. They went deeper and studied the advantages of using solar panels and its weaknesses. That is in the attempt to perfect the functionality of solar equipment. People can then enjoy even better service with high efficiency. The solar tracker is a system invented of late for incorporation in photovoltaic systems. Its main purpose is to provide flexibility to the solar collectors increasing solar energy utilization.

Follow the bee and eat the honey

That’s true. You have to go looking for where the party is to have fun. Especially when you are dealing with superiors; where you don’t give the rules. Waiting for an invitation won’t work. This concept is very much applied in solar tracking systems. Of course, the sun is the main source of energy for photovoltaic systems. The sun however can be compared to the bee; it does things its own way without reference to anyone. At least we know how it moves on any given day and the shifting over the year either southwards or northwards.

It matters with how the solar collectors are oriented with regard to the position of the sun. The angle of incidence is the point of focus. The lesser it is, the higher the energy collected by the solar panel. Solar trackers will give the entire system heads up of the position of the sun at any particular time of the day. The systems will then reciprocate by shifting to follow the sun. Energy captured is hence maximized for a single day as compared to when the system remains in one position. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It can maybe help you in making your home more efficient.

Not facing the sun? No energy


Solar collectors make use of the sun to produce energy. The intensity of the beams of light they receive matters a lot. The more the concentration, the more the energy output. This will be determined with whether the collector is facing directly to the sun or not. Two types of sun rays exist. Direct light and diffuse light are utilized by photovoltaic systems. Direct light however accounts for more than 90% of the energy collected. It’s therefore the most crucial. Every light collector system will have to be facing the sun directly or else no energy will be produced.

How is it able to move?

Single axis trackers are there to allow movement of the system corresponding to sun movement. It is able to achieve this fluid made of compressed gas is used. Gear and motor trains are controlled digitally so that they face the sun directly. The response of trackers is based on earth’s rotation. As the earth rotates in its direction, the tracker makes the panels rotate in a direction contrary to that of the sun.

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