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Content Marketing And Publishing Strategies-What Are They and What Do They Achieve? Traverse City Web Design

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Read any guide on SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and you’ll be sure to come across the subject of articles. Log onto any freelance writing site and you’ll find countless projects asking for article production. There are as many of these as there are projects for creating web page content.

Despite this you will find little guidance of any value with regard to what is required of an Internet Article. What it actually does or how.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

The mechanics behind content marketing is basically quite simple. You write an article about a product or service and publish it on a free articles web site. In the text of the article you include a link to one or more of your own web sites and presto – your web site gains a link from another site. Once the article has been out there for awhile the search engines notice the link and notch up the connection as favorable to your site. The more articles, the more links to your landing pages and the more important your web site appears to be.

Unacceptable Internet Article Publishing Practices

However, overuse of this window of SEM opportunity or lead generation strategies will eventually lead to the major search engines disregarding such links as a valid measure of web site ranking. This has already happened with regard to link-farms and there are tens of thousands of unreadable articles circulating the free article web sites. Many of these are machine produced, written by software, and many have little or no regard to any language rules. Of course serious article sites such as Articlesbase and Articlesfactory employ a human editorial screening process to ensure that the content is at least readable, but this is by no means the norm.

Benefits of Publishing Marketing Articles

Apart from providing a single link to your site, what else do articles do? A well written article about your product or service, complete with the necessary hyperlink to your site, will help your web marketing. This is accomplished by enabling you to utilize different sets of keywords and key-phrases to target different potential market groups. Search engine users may well find your article with a search that would fail to find your site. If the content of the article is interesting they may well visit your site via the link provided. A common practice of generating traffic or visitors is for webmasters to leave a link in the client’s sites. A web developer in traverse city has done this with good results. Its important to remember to no follow the links or site wide links without no follow attributions could end up getting you penalized long term if Google changes how they treat these types of footer links.

Increasing Web Presence with Articles on Products and Services

Interesting items published on free article sites are also picked up by other similar sites and reproduced. This creates more valid links back to your main web site and that is what SEM is all about. You drive visitors to your site using as many different means as possible. The key is that all links to any site should demonstrate relevance.

The Importance of Article Relevance to the Internet Marketplace

To this end an article linking to a personal financial solutions site should have content which describes a situation or condition that may be alleviated by the product or service available through the website. Similarly a health and fitness website could have links from articles which discuss or illustrate physical condition, sport, training, diet or other topics of relevance.

Getting Found – Keywords and Keyphrases

Of course, it goes without saying that in order to get readers’ attention you have to help them find your article with keywords and key-phrases. Then you have to entertain them with informative writing and, preferably, encourage them to seek more of the same by visiting your website.

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